Sunday, July 29, 2007

Car manufacturers, you suck with spare parts.

If I were in charge, I would make a law that would prohibit the obfuscation of replacement parts for cars or anything for that matter. Part number obfuscation would result in the de-incorporation of a given company or possibly the firing squad shooting of that company's CEO.

What happens is this: You want a part, say, a rear light assembly. You look it up on various sites. They list mostly fake part numbers for non-genuine parts. You ask dealerships for the real part number and they basically laugh at you, they simply wont allow you to shop around with the real part number.

So finally you figure out what the real OEM part number is, some stores on websites seem to keep them around, then you shop around.

You ask various local dealerships for a good price and they again laugh at you and treat you rudely. Fuck these people. Ill never buy a fucking car from that place - I hope its worth future business to fuck people on parts.

Then you put that part number in and search for an online store that sells that part:
1) you get lies (the part is listed with the OEM PN, but is the non-genuine part)
2) they charge hidden handling fees
3) they markup for shipping and don't allow you to have the shipping billed to you
4) they don't give you the OEM part, but a look-alike work-alike and a huge markup.
5) you can't easily return the part for being defrauded

So, Toyota, and all other car makers, is it worth it to create a fraud industry of fake parts, and fraud rip off dealer-net tarnishing your name? Why doesn't the fucking car come with a parts list and a fucking repair manual asshole fuckers? In my world, I would have the CEO shot to death because he is ultimately responsible for this premeditated assault and defrauding of the public and require any car allowed to be sold that it be sold with a complete parts list and a repair manual. I don't believe if capital punishment for normal citizens, but generals, politicians and company executives, I think that capital punishment should be used often.

If I ever have executive powers, I will have CEOs shot for shit like this. I don't mind companies making money, but swindling and defrauding and poisoning the tax paying law abiding good-faith public will not be tolerated.

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