Saturday, July 28, 2007

CF bulbs is murder. Mercury = Murdercury

Anyone who buys CF bulbs is giving money to GE and others. This is like paying to get autism promoted. Do you all like autism? If so, run out and buy a stash of CF bulbs.

Some idiots say ROHS is not needed, and Mercury is ok - its disposed of properly! Yeah, right, thats why 1/160 people today get autism for "no reason." Could it be all the horrible nervous system destroying compounds and elements in the environment released by strip mining and unmitigated use of these CNS hazard materials in consumer products? Nah. Its just a natural rise. (Riiigt).

The word is that Pharox bulbs, for Oxxio customers overseas, use LED and less power than CF and don't contain any Murdercury. why dont you all write GE and ask why they prefer Murdercury CF over arrays of LEDs?

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