Friday, February 20, 2009


"Let me emphasize this strongly: no one is to suggest doing anything illegal here. Protest all you want but please respect the law."

Dred Scott / SCOTUS: Humans can be property.

The laws can be illegal. The government is no longer abiding by the limits of power in the constitution. Things have gone on long enough. People should consider violence against a government that is planning to ration health care and decide when we die, we should be able to take this murderous lying terrorist government and do something about it.

You all need to read Solzhenitsyn.

In the camps Solzhenitsyn and other prisoners nourished murderous fantasies of what they might have done to their tormentors if they had understood their fate: "What if, instead of waiting for the knock on their door, they had (knowing there was nothing to lose) set ambushes -- several people in each apartment building, armed with axes and hammers, ready to crack the skulls of the police? What if every security operative, going out at night to make an arrest, was uncertain whether he would return alive?" -- Solzhenitsyn

We are no longer free, there is no freedom here, the government is authoritarian and totalitarian, this is a Police State.

We are fast approaching the point of no return and you and your children will be subjected to an authoritarian government.

The law of this land was formed after the forced removal of another government that did not represent. Remember, NO TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION ? How are the children and unborn children whose money have just been spent represented.

This is a joke of a nation, and the people are simply putting up with it because it limps along, we can get food and some work and so its all ok, don't harbor violent thoughts.

If you are having violent thoughts, I'm not saying act on them, but they should be considered.

The time is nigh. Revolution (after Ron Paul's defeat) is probably the only viable option. Look at Romania, it can be done, and it doesn't have to be overly bloody, but at some point the levees must break.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Warning: Out of Control Spending Bill has Strong Healthcare Language that should concern you.

Before I report on the out of control spending bill, here is the quote of the day:

"And let me just say to all the chattering class... that so much focuses on all those little tiny porky amendments... the American people really don't care." - Senator Charles Schumer aka Gun grabbing thief traitor.

The stimulus bill contains the following language:
- Computerization of all health care rendered lands in a central database
- Various frameworks for universal health care
- National health care stuffed into HR-1. In Tom Daschle's book on page 196 he suggests the next president sneak national health care into a spending bill to bypass senate protocol and found it to important for the senate to vote on.

Check out pages 454-455 in HR-1 @

Basically strong language is put in here, and a long standing Medicare/Medicaid provision where Doctors can do whats best, there is language to do whats most economical. All being done with representatives performing little or no review.

WARNING: Swinestein wants to kill Net Neutrality in "Stimulus"

Dianne Feinstein Introduces Amendment To Kill Net Neutrality in "Stimulus"

Sen. Dianne Feinstein hopes to update President Barack Obama's $838bn economic stimulus package so that ISPs can deter child pornography, copyright infringement, and other unlawful activity by way of "reasonable network management." Clearly, a lobbyist whispering in Feinstein's ear has taken Comcast's famous lies even further into the realm of BS.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Obama - The Emperor with No Clothes

Emperor Obama has no clothes.

- Raytheon lobbyist second in command at Pentagon.
- Goldman Sachs lackey second in command at Treasury.
- Can't even form a cabinet without 3 tax evaders, one of which is still "out there."
(he was going to back Daschle until Daschle resigned, so he has no f-ing spine)
- The tax evader left in the Cabinet: The head of the IRS and the head of the Treasury, Geithner.
(The other of course being Killefer)
- He can't even vet his cabinet and we face record spending deficits and a perpetual stranglehold of the military industrial complex in a complex world full of China, Russia, India and radical Islam. What a sad joke.
- Lied about no lobbyists
- Lied about having a new degree of accountability and a SUNSHINE period of new laws, yet just two days after the "Lilly Ledbetter Law" (which is illegal and unconstitutional), he signed the bill with no review at as promised. He also signed another bill with no Sunshine, a bill that gives 38 billion in health care to "kids", 38 billion we don't have. These "kids" can be here illegally and get help through this bill.
- Appointed a gun-grabbing Rich pardoning treasonist Eric Holder as AG, the top cop of the USA, a man who helped a fugitive evade justice.
- Has not put a dime in for a single new nuclear power plant but wants to help bridges and roads so we continue to drive ? This man has no energy policy, he is a fraud.
- Tries to cover up a lie to the American public a new piece of legislation, normally called a budget, as a rescue bill. In it is illegal government backing of political organizations like Acorn.
- Daschle was paid millions by the health care industry, he was a health care lobbyist, and yet he wanted Daschle to run the US's health at the cabinet level ?
- The media is a piece of dog crap and has totally failed to communicate the level of ineptitude, conflict of interest and lies promulgated by a Presidency which isn't even a month old.

- Obama dozed while Kentucky froze, Obama pulling a "Katrina" with Kentucky.
- Ron Paul says, and has said for decades, spending like drunks got us into a fiscal black hole: Snobama's plan: spend more ?!?!?!
- Obama, Blagojevich and Rahm Emanual have a LOT to hide. THey literally lived next to each other, Rahm had (until being Snobama's chief of staff) Blagojevich's old federal congressional seat. Blagojevich hepled Snobama cheat his way to the Illinois senate by getting other candidates thrown off the ballot in Illinois. Why do you think Blagojevich was so mad? Obama DID owe him, big time. Rahm and Obama are using Blagojevich and trying to cut his head off to keep him away.
- Can you say Rezko? The media can't. Obama is guilty as sin.

1. They met in 1990. Obama was a student at Harvard Law School and got an unsolicited job offer from Rezko, then a low-income housing developer in Chicago. Obama turned it down.

2. Obama took a job in 1993 with a small Chicago law firm, Davis Miner Barnhill, that represents developers -- primarily not-for-profit groups -- building low-income housing with government funds.

3. One of the firm's not-for-profit clients -- the Woodlawn Preservation and Investment Corp., co-founded by Obama's then-boss Allison Davis -- was partners with Rezko's company in a 1995 deal to convert an abandoned nursing home at 61st and Drexel into low-income apartments. Altogether, Obama spent 32 hours on the project, according to the firm. Only five hours of that came after Rezko and WPIC became partners, the firm says. The rest of the future senator's time was helping WPIC strike the deal with Rezko. Rezko's company, Rezmar Corp., also partnered with the firm's clients in four later deals -- none of which involved Obama, according to the firm. In each deal, Rezmar "made the decisions for the joint venture," says William Miceli, an attorney with the firm.

4. In 1995, Obama began campaigning for a seat in the Illinois Senate. Among his earliest supporters: Rezko. Two Rezko companies donated a total of $2,000. Obama was elected in 1996 -- representing a district that included 11 of Rezko's 30 low-income housing projects.

5. Rezko's low-income housing empire began crumbling in 2001, when his company stopped making mortgage payments on the old nursing home that had been converted into apartments. The state foreclosed on the building -- which was in Obama's Illinois Senate district.

6. In 2003, Obama announced he was running for the U.S. Senate, and Rezko -- a member of his campaign finance committee -- held a lavish fund-raiser June 27, 2003, at his Wilmette mansion.

7. A few months after Obama became a U.S. senator, he and Rezko's wife, Rita, bought adjacent pieces of property from a doctor in Chicago's Kenwood neighborhood -- a deal that has dogged Obama the last two years. The doctor sold the mansion to Obama for $1.65 million -- $300,000 below the asking price. Rezko's wife paid full price -- $625,000 -- for the adjacent vacant lot. The deals closed in June 2005. Six months later, Obama paid Rezko's wife $104,500 for a strip of her land, so he could have a bigger yard. At the time, it had been widely reported that Tony Rezko was under federal investigation. Questioned later about the timing of the Rezko deal, Obama called it "boneheaded" because people might think the Rezkos had done him a favor.

8. Eight months later -- in October 2006 -- Rezko was indicted on charges he solicited kickbacks from companies seeking state pension business under his friend Gov. Blagojevich. Federal prosecutors maintain that $10,000 from the alleged kickback scheme was donated to Obama's run for the U.S. Senate. Obama has given the money to charity.

And then of course, there is Obama's connections to Iraqi Arms Dealer, Nahdmi Auchi, and of course Aiham Alsammarae :

Barack Obama has had questionable dealings (including the purchase of his home) with Tony Rezko, who is on trial on corruption charges, and who may have directed kickbacks to Obama.

Rezko has had numerous business deals with Nahdmi Auchi, who once sold arms to Saddam Hussein and had other dealings with the Hussein regime.

Resko and Auchi also had business dealings with Aiham Alsammarae, a fugitive from Iraqi justice who allegedly stole $650 million from the Iraqi Ministry of Electricity, who is now apparently living in Chicago, despite having been convicted and sentence to 14 years in prison in Iraq.

His mere association with these men, however—men who have continually operated on the edge of the law, and sometimes over that edge into clearly illegal activity—is troubling, and peels off some of the veneer of a candidate who promises "change" but instead seems to be far less pure than the image he'd like to project.

Change. yeah right. Of the guard maybe. Suck you can believe in. God given rights, you have none, the whole founding principles of "god" as an abstract higher construct than the state giving us inborn rights? Gone. The State is GOD under Snobama and these military industrial crooked thieving hacks.

Enjoy the ass you elected, America. And people still have the balls to laugh at Ron Paul?

Every promise already broken. Clinton re-treads everywhere. Tax evaders, corruption self serving pukes from all walks of life, from any side of the GOP/Democrat aisle, the military industrial complex strong, the state is a god replacement, Oceanea and Ingsoc being constructed as the average Joe thinks he needs the state to put sugar in his tea. Lies corruption, lack of leadership, inability to make simple decisions like cabinet members who can even follow basic tax laws and then traipsing around to the TV and apologizing to America for this mistake. REAL ACTION, Snobama, would be to FIRE Geithner. But no, the head of the IRS is a tax evader while Ed and Elaine Brown of New Hampshire rot in jail while the terrorist government charges people for "aiding" them and they ROT in jail while cabinet level Senators and political re-treads run the country and don't pay taxes and help give the Wall St. scum and bankers a free pass on the tax payer's dime.

I think the US better elect a heavily libertarian or as a lame ass alternative a heavily GOP Senate and Congress in 2010 or the US is cooked, finished. Remember Clinton had a republican congress to deal with, and everyone seems to refer to that era as the gilded age. If there is no partisan gridlock in the USA, the government becomes a totalitarian authoritarian tax and spend monster, no matter who is in control. Sickening.

Emperor Obama feels his hoards of serfs, plebians and prole's goods and services shouldn't piss off other System Lords (Oligarchs) of foreign powers he needs to borrow money from:

"I think it would be a mistake, though, at a time when worldwide trade is declining for us to start sending a message that somehow we're just looking after ourselves and not concerned with world trade," he said in an interview

We must also take pause when looking at the stimulus bill (inflated budget with no spending cuts). Nobody working for the government is getting cut. We, the taxpayers are. Sure you can call government employees tax payers, but they are simply digging ditches, then filling in the holes and repeating. Those who make GDP happen pay the freight. Out of the 900 billion, only 1 billion for small businesses ?!? 85% of America works for small business!

One more tidbit on Daschle:

In an appearance on Meet the Press on February 12, 2006, former Senator Daschle endorsed a controversial warrantless surveillance program conducted by the National Security Agency (NSA); Daschle explained that he had been briefed on the program while he was the Democratic leader in the Senate.