Friday, October 31, 2008

Apple sucks. Fuck you if you like apple for non-technical reasons, e.g., look and feel.

Apple sucks.

I was in Stanford shopping mall today, and all the stores were giving out candy to kids from 5-7 for Halloween.

Except the fucking Apple store.
They had a ugly mongoloid puke with a mohawk and faggot Ipod necklace standing in the door looking like a fucking jerk. And they did not give candy.

Stevbe Jobs and Apple the mega-corporation are both greedy motherfuckers that can suck my balls. At leatst MSFT's Bill Gates along with Warren Buffet created the largest charity in the history of the world.

Not apple. They sue people. They overcharge for commoditized shit. They act like fart sniffing pompous fucking assholes.

I hope Steve Jobs, who ripped all his ideas from Xerox PARC, Woz and Draper, had a kid he didn't "acknoledge" until later in life, and acted like a fucking messiah when he is basically an intellectual property thief with a personality cult around him., fucking dies of cancer.

How about that Mr Jobs, you cheap fuck, Too cheap to give out candy to kids but you can hire mohawk wearing know-nothing fuckers to stand idly at the door.