Friday, July 25, 2008

As predicted.

Back in 2005, I declared as the housing crisis unraveled, and jobs became scare and the economic calamity that was bound to befall us due to unrealistic housing valuations, that crime would rise.

I chuckle to hear the morons and the moron news stations report moronically on the rising crime, violence and the reduction in giving (philanthropy drops to zero when there is over taxation, meals on wheels is having trouble operating, etc, and magically, when the government stops taxing the SHIT out of the people , giving goes WAY UP!)

You see, we have a government that is strapped for cash, and with a progressive system, even if your wages adjust higher due to the inflation, so do the taxes, in the end you are left with less disposable income. Less money to SPEND. Less money to GIVE. Less money to even makes ends meet. (I don't care if you can't make payments on a house you bought you cant afford. I hope you get cancer if you are one of these morons. You live off of my responsible back you puke and the inflation used to try and fix your mess is FUCKING ME IN THE ASS.).

Philanthropic giving is way down here in The Peoples Republik of Kalifornia. And Violence is up. Way up. So much for the most unconstitutional, repressive and illegal gun control laws. So much for high taxes and a bitch-nanny state.

The government has orchestrated this horrific situation by not acting when the greedy folks were laying out this disastrous course, and of course, acting stupidly, corruptly and ineptly when the hurricane hits.

These state and federal governments are terrorists. They are illegal and they are suppressing and controlling the public and if this isn't a sign that Amerika is not in the same stages as 1930 Germany, you better wake up.

You will wake up soon under the crushing fist of an authoritarian totalitarian fascist regime. Because you are an irresponsible fat fucking lazy sucking-from-the-teat-of-government inactive bullshit whining piece of shit that would make the likes of Patrick Henry PUKE. You will get the twisted piece of shit government you deserve because YOU can't deal with the idea that YOU and YOU alone are responsible for your existence. The nanny state to tuck you in is a false construct. It will become a twisted regime to rule you like a satanic mother. You will get what you deserve by construction this awful government.

You better get a whiff of true Libertarianism and ditch this moron identity-politics and this notion the Republicans or Democrats are anything but Stalin and Hitler in a party. Its not THEM who will save YOU, its YOU that will save YOU.

If Thomas Jefferson were alive today, he would be in jail.

And as the train derails further and further, the fascist authoritarian state and Federal Reserve will blame this and that and ask for more power, and you will give it. Because you are too stupid and pathetic to bail your own ass out of the mess your made for yourself and you whine like a bitch for MOMMY!

Prepare for the hell of your own creation, moron bootlicking sheeple of the regime.