Sunday, July 29, 2007

Car manufacturers, you suck with spare parts.

If I were in charge, I would make a law that would prohibit the obfuscation of replacement parts for cars or anything for that matter. Part number obfuscation would result in the de-incorporation of a given company or possibly the firing squad shooting of that company's CEO.

What happens is this: You want a part, say, a rear light assembly. You look it up on various sites. They list mostly fake part numbers for non-genuine parts. You ask dealerships for the real part number and they basically laugh at you, they simply wont allow you to shop around with the real part number.

So finally you figure out what the real OEM part number is, some stores on websites seem to keep them around, then you shop around.

You ask various local dealerships for a good price and they again laugh at you and treat you rudely. Fuck these people. Ill never buy a fucking car from that place - I hope its worth future business to fuck people on parts.

Then you put that part number in and search for an online store that sells that part:
1) you get lies (the part is listed with the OEM PN, but is the non-genuine part)
2) they charge hidden handling fees
3) they markup for shipping and don't allow you to have the shipping billed to you
4) they don't give you the OEM part, but a look-alike work-alike and a huge markup.
5) you can't easily return the part for being defrauded

So, Toyota, and all other car makers, is it worth it to create a fraud industry of fake parts, and fraud rip off dealer-net tarnishing your name? Why doesn't the fucking car come with a parts list and a fucking repair manual asshole fuckers? In my world, I would have the CEO shot to death because he is ultimately responsible for this premeditated assault and defrauding of the public and require any car allowed to be sold that it be sold with a complete parts list and a repair manual. I don't believe if capital punishment for normal citizens, but generals, politicians and company executives, I think that capital punishment should be used often.

If I ever have executive powers, I will have CEOs shot for shit like this. I don't mind companies making money, but swindling and defrauding and poisoning the tax paying law abiding good-faith public will not be tolerated.

AMD is no longer competitive with Intel

I don't know why people think about AMD much right now. If you check out benchmarks, the Opteron 2222 machines (3.0 GHZ) don't have a prayer at beating the 5160/X6800, in either FP or INT. Especially INT since almost everything you want to run fast is INT, the video cards do all the important vector and FP math.

How bad is the fastest opteron 3.0ghz at INT?
BASE: 13.5
PEAK: 14.9

At FP?:
BASE: 14.3
PEAK: 15.2

How good are Xeon 5160s at INT?:
BASE: 19.1
PEAK: 21.0

BASE: 17.1
PEAK: 17.7

I also only trust base measurements, because peaks are hacks at compiler options to make code a perfect instructions mix for the CPU arch, which almost never happens in real life.

I don't know why people suddenly think AMD is competitive, its not.

Its maximum wattage outputs are far higher, they cost more and have random sockets, now its 940-AM2 and F-1207, they have a huge family of sockets before now, which is stupid (and hurt AMD, especially getting rid of 940 and 939 and working against the Opteron 1xx sales).

If you put together a gaming rig which you aren't overclocking this year and its not Intel - I feel bad for you. I have an X6800 and a 8800GTX, and I've had them for 6 months. Nothing AMD/ATI has done even registers on my radar as a remote threat. This will not change throughout this year except for the new crop of 1333MHz FSB CPUs.

AMD scales better due to integrated memory controller. This scales better when you put more than 2 sockets in a box. Who cares, no one games with 4 socket motherboards.

Intel had Netburst, which put AMD ahead - way ahead. Now Intel has Woodcrest/Conroe, which could potentially get AMD to quit making silicon if they cant catch up.

"AMD considering getting out of fabrication business"

Conroe is potentially AMD-ending event. For myself, I have a host of Intel and AMD machines at home and at work, and I can say for 1-2 socket motherboards, AMD doesn't even exist anymore.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Epigenetics + some thoughts on disease and groups of people

A cat was cloned. The DNA is identical. Yet the coat on the cats are not the same.

Epigenetics. It seems that DNA can be controlled within the cell by attaching methyl or other suppressive functional groups onto the DNA. There are now cases which document identical twins where one gets cancer, the other doesn't.

What affects eipgenetics? What we eat, our environment, smoking, paint fumes, poisonous mercury, poisons in flame retardants in mattresses, outgassing of polyurethanes and PVC + hv (UV light) outgassing poisons, Donald Rumsfeld's ultra-poisonous carcinogenic aspartame.

Its interesting, along with anti-sense RNA and a better understanding of epigenetics, disease may soon be obsolete, if the governments and the large drug companies let this information exist. I strongly sense there will be a very vigorous campaign to keep these ultra cures, especially food-cures, out of accepted therapy by the internal medicine racket in the USA.

Why else would a known carcinogen like aspartame be allowed on the market? Or how about the article [ ] that shows the while french fries made in animal lard are higher in fat, they have less toxins? Did you know that light oils used to fry things cause things like HNE to appear in your food?

You see people are usually individually incapable of having all the answers. Large groups of people seem to think they have more right answers than individuals, but they end up adding all the individual wrongness, so large groups of people can be very wrong.

Nature and the natural order was forged over eons of time and its very hard to out-think nature. People today think they solve problems, like making things low fat and then poisoning everyone with HNE.

The rabbit hole is very very deep. So deep that one should question everything.

"Think for yourself, question authority" -- Timothy Leary

Try to not take solace in being part of something bigger than yourself. Keep reminding yourself that large groups of people have been very wrong in the past, and always seek to audit what you or your groups are doing. Try to correct the wrongs or find faults in the group in order to boost credibility, don't cover things up to save the group or for the love of money.

This will kill us all if we don't learn to audit the veracity of things done to use via laws or policies of things like the government, the AMA, etc.

Terrorist government.

Now I'm not one to say that the ragheads are right and the US is evil. I think the US has a lot of law abiding tax paying citizens being turned into subjects by a terrorist government.

Definition, terrorism:
Terrorist \Ter"ror*ist\, n. [F. terroriste.]
One who governs by terrorism or intimidation; specifically, an agent or partisan of said government.

We have the death penalty, we have an intimidating, constitution breaking, radically partisan (left and right wing) AUTHORITARIAN, autocratic federal and state systems that have gone way beyond the bounds laid out for them by both the federal and state constitutions.

"What have you wrought? -- Mrs. Pownall
"a republic, Madam, if you can keep it." -- Benjamin Franklin


Democracy = sharia
Democracy = lets stone all the gays if 51% of us want to.
Democracy = one sheep and two wolves voting to eat the sheep.

"Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety."
-- Richard Jackson via Benjamin Franklin

"Sell not virtue to purchase wealth, nor Liberty to purchase power."
-- Benjamin Franklin Poor Richard's Almanack of 1738

So what we have here is a federal autocracy (both left and right wing politicians are autocrats today) that is effectively suspending the constitution, breaking its own root laws, taxing the public, prosecuting wars while our own treasury is broken and empty, inflating the money and selling out debt to foreign nationals such that the nation interests of the US are now leashed to other communist autocracies like the PRC China.

Banks also manipulate this government so that GSEs secure bad debt, we bail out the Savings and Loan banks if the default, and manipulate the government to hand out money at a very low rate. Banks lower the cost of money, manipulate the public by lobbying for tax deductions of interest (which leads to higher prices and more debt load) and basically own everything existence. The banks get a lot more tithing that the churches do.

Finally the energy companies which refuse to modernize and allow OPEC and other cartels and rackets to manipulate America. Because the Us refuses to move to nuclear, wind and tidal/wave motion and solar power, we are owned and operated by OPEC, and we must compete with China for a resource which should no longer be needed. We should be on the verge of the hydrogen economy, instead we still "burn wood" (coal) to produce energy. Its rather sad that the US today has more in common with 1800's industrial England that it does with "the world of tomorrow." burning coal for power, thats rich.

Take your country back, vote for libertarians or independents or independent thinkers like Ron Paul, vote for people who want to change things by dismantling the evil machines in the government, not by erecting more autocracies and authoritarian bureaucracies to fix the monster that is there.

Remember, this government is supposed to be our GUEST, not our ABSOLUTE RULER (which it is today). Remind them of this before its too late.

Everyone knows we are already at or very near where elections are fake.

Communist countries used to have elections, just like us. Without a constitution that means something, our lives could degrade into the second world very easily.

CF bulbs is murder. Mercury = Murdercury

Anyone who buys CF bulbs is giving money to GE and others. This is like paying to get autism promoted. Do you all like autism? If so, run out and buy a stash of CF bulbs.

Some idiots say ROHS is not needed, and Mercury is ok - its disposed of properly! Yeah, right, thats why 1/160 people today get autism for "no reason." Could it be all the horrible nervous system destroying compounds and elements in the environment released by strip mining and unmitigated use of these CNS hazard materials in consumer products? Nah. Its just a natural rise. (Riiigt).

The word is that Pharox bulbs, for Oxxio customers overseas, use LED and less power than CF and don't contain any Murdercury. why dont you all write GE and ask why they prefer Murdercury CF over arrays of LEDs?

Avril Lavigne needs her leg cut off

I wish someone could cut Avril Lavigne's leg off. Either. This would probably stop her from doing her garbage videos and quit making her horrible music with horrible lyrics with her horrible wardrobe and punch-me-in-the-face makeup. Someone shooting her would lead to her becoming a music martyr.

A weak dollar isnt going to boost the economy.

This whole weak dollar is going to save the economy is laughable. The fed has two choices, inflate the dollar to keep the illusion of affordability for those who are about to go under, and allow the government and the folks who have way too much debt (no one should have any debt at all, maybe a house payment and that is it, no seconds or HELOCs) to try and pay the loan off with inflated dollars.

But this comes a high price.

1) If you make money, and your salary isn't being adjusted for inflation, the purchasing power of the dollar you get at work is simply going down all the time.

2) For those who save, or have positions indexed in dollars (stocks, etc), you lose.

So the way you trivialize debt is to trivialize all money.

Now since the world is more global, we have unnaturally cheap PRC Chinese goods keeping us afloat, but hard things like copper, gold, aluminum, steel, gas, food, etc, are all getting drastically more expensive while your salary stays the same.

If the PRC Chinese overheat and their prices start to rise from production cuts, or our M3 money supply shrinks due to housing and other paper-wealth that is leveraged, then we have a bad situation.

The fed needs to prevent deflation and prevent hyper inflation at the same time. Too much inflation and oil gets sold in Euros, not dollars. Lots of deflation mean lots of defaulting on loans.

This is what happens when people are allowed to screw up. The people learned this from Amtrak, American Airlines, the Savings and Loan industry, the GSEs and Chrysler.

Also, this weaker dollars leads to exports stuff only washes if you make a lot of stuff people want, and you get most of your raw materials to make things in your own country.

The USA only makes giant machines and Boeing aircraft, the rest of the crap the US sell is lawyer services, tax services and software (which is being commodities). If the crap hits the fan, the fan, the US doesn't make much that others need to survive. The US can be written off more easily that it thinks.

Also, if you are actually making electronics or high tech stuff here, world class hardware that cant be CMed out to Taiwan, Korea or PRC, then you pay your CMs more due to the weak dollar but you sell your product in dollars, which others can buy cheaply due to its weakness. Pay more for the raw materials due to a bad exchange rate, and "charge less" due to a bad exchange rate. Not good.

Its simple. If the dollar inflates 2x, and you 2x your sales without raising prices, you've done nothing. And if your buying raw materials from external countries, this complicates this even further.

People: focusing on fundamentals and making money and not "growing " is more important. This is how Warren Buffet got rich, and how Microsoft has 40 Billion in cash. While people paid way too much in the past for .coms for a chance at growth, the real investors try and focus on making money, making cash, increasing principal.

All you debt-jerks are really screwing it up for us realists who believe in making money not getting rich quick or "having your money work for you."

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

SuSE 10.2 Give me a break.

All I have to say is SuSE 10.2 isn't very good. I regularly use RHEL/CENTOS 3.x, 4.x and 5.x, and installation, updates and package management is a breeze.

Yast/Yast2 takes forever to do things, and it attempts to be a system-wide control panel, not a package manager.

I installed yum on 10.2 and never needed Yast2 since, but damn this is annoying.

Now for the real kicker. Yast2 allowed the selection of kernel-bigsmp on an x86_64 install, and it gleefully installed that 32-bit/IA32 kernel and wiped out the old default kernel! What the fuck? No I have to go and grab 9 packages or so (who the fuck thinks of breaking the kernel, kernel headers, modules, kernels and sources apart like this?) and manually install them while booted into Knoppix and manually edit grub and then fix up the package issues when I get this piece of shit to boot again.

A note to Novell / SuSE: Fix your fucking package manager so it doesn’t install shit that fucks the whole system up. Thanks.

Right now, I primarily use FreeBSD, Gentoo and Redhat/Centos, with a majority of my "supported/production" work being in Centos. I always hated my sidetracks into Mandrake/WomanDrake, Mandriva/Mandrivel and SuSE/OpenSuSE. This stuff has been a consistent timesink while offering nothing.

Also, AppArmor, this stuff is shit. Yes, I know SELinux is a huge pain in the ass and leads to people just going:

selinux=0 capability=0 capability.disable=1

And this is wrong, but AppArmor. This stuff is the way lazy admins will go and it is crap, its not really a work-alike to SELinux, and it can be easily bypassed.

Anyway, thanks Novell / (more like non-novel) for a shit product no one needs.

Note to the world, if you see:

request_module runaway loop modprobe binfmt-464c or something similar

Then it is most likely a 32 bit kernel on a 64 bit system.

Oh, I like how RPM makes it hard to find arch once the packages are installed. That’s nice. (yum front ends this nicely). rpm -qa shows package names with no arch info. Stupid. You can use RPM on Knoppix by saying : rpm -dbpath to your system you are trying to rescue. Kind of useful.

Also, making usb bootables (key flash pen jump Thumb-Drive, why assholes call these things 90 different names is beyond me) and installing over the network with SuSE is a bigger pain in the ass, and the damn SuSE keeps asking for CDs and DVDs from time to time which is asinine.

Oh, and SuSE, the boot.local sucks, there is no easy place to put after everything is done for the runlevel, run this, so I had to make a file for rc.d and do all this fancy shit to make it run last and activate it through chkconfig. What a fucking pain in the ass.

Also, SuSE shows these fucking gay non-LANG=C characters all over the place. I wish this internationalization shit was totally fucking off and gone by default. I remember Solaris asks on version 8 or 9, do you want normal C ASCII text, or all this fucking shit that came after it and fucked everything up? Anyways, between i18n, ncurses, terminal types, and /etc/sysconfig/fonts-config , /etc/sysconfig/console, and stupid non-working frame buffer modes (I wish vga=extended was the default for all these distros) which scroll slow as ass, the world of plain Using plain English in *nix has gotten WORSE, not better and the C language has English syntax, what the fuck?

Also, what the fuck is with distros burying the sources and being cute with this shit? Cant we just get the /usr/src/linux directory symlinked to the actual pile of shit that is the kernel, as in, go into the kernel directory and if you ran make install, it would overwrite exactly all the files installed via the package. Then for the 40 kernels that exist , you can just move the symlink to the running kernel and all these stupid nvidia, cisco vpn and 3rd party drivers would find all the shit they needed without this constant shit. On SuSE I had to make oldconfig for the kernel to be useful.

make oldconfig , make prepare, make, make modules (vestigal in 2.6)

Oh, and the final thing. Asshole linux repackagers, listen up. Stop modularizing the shit out of BASIC stuff like sata and PATA drivers. What the FUCK are you thinking, when the shit hits the fan, if the kernel has the storage modules inside of it, rather than a module, then you actually not have to get Knoppix to fix shit. Assholes. I know the whole entire gigantic library of drivers would be a pain, but OpenBSD and FreeBSD generic kernels boot any random shit, but linux vendor packaged kernels have this fucking fetish for initrd/piles of modules that is just getting fucking old. Give me a real reason why to try and take shit out of the "base" kernel and shovel it into modules? The compatibility problems by having two drivers that may not like each other in the kernel together is FAR outweighed by the pain in the ass these initrds are to make if you need to get into the system real bad.

GOSH, like in Napoleon Dynamite.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Get Victoria Beckham off the TV now.

#1 - she has an annoying voice.
#2 - she "strikes a pose" as if she is some sort of supermodel every 30 seconds.
#3 - Americans don't care about trophy wives of British soccer athletes.
#4 - her bumpers piss me off when I'm watching a real show like Scrubs.
#5 - I wouldn't ever watch the show based on the bumpers, but the bumpers make her out to be a shallow idiot and she seems like annoying, stupid kept woman I have no interest seeing on TV.

Stephen Monier, Federal Marshall, NH - Jackbooted Gestapo Thug.

Ed and Elaine Brown are true American patriots. They prove that even if you buy your house and own it 100%, the government still wants you to pay up or they will illegally deprive your of your property.

This illegal government is growing in size and strength. They are destroying what made America great, the freedom, the independence, the defiant come back American patriot, reduce to a 9-5 drone that gives half his pay to destroy foreign lands via the military industrial complex, then those lands get rebuilt by the military industrial complex, and then the military industrial complex relocated to Qatar to avoid paying any taxes, half my pay not to rebuilding New Orleans but to destroy and rebuild Iraq as we funnel taxpayer money to the military industrial complex in Iraq.

And these puke Federales actually have the gumption, the fucking gall to attempt to criminalize these people.

Can't America be a place where you leave people who want to be left alone the fuck alone?

All you pathetic gun grabbing communists and autocratic authoritarians that believe in central governments take a whiff of the shit in the air, the Iraq shit, the Putin/Ahmadinejad/Kim Jong/Musharraf shit, the Castro shit, the PRC China shit. Central governments murder people, reduce freedom and subjugate people to their will.

America has become what it was designed to be a safe haven from. This crap with the rule of law is being confused with the rule of banks, the rule or a certain select few over the many, the rule or big business and the military industrial complex over the waning middle class. And these bastards defied the constitution by making our money into shit, by taking it off the gold standard so they can steal your money even if you save it by inflation!

The people have been robbed and fucked by the US government so much they are used to it now, and heroes like Ed Brown come of ass "radical" or even "terrorists."

Friday, July 20, 2007

One of the stupidest statements ever made.

"If Islam's sole interest is the welfare of mankind, then Islam is the strongest advocate of human rights anywhere on Earth." -Mos Def

Women are murdered for adultery is common in Islamic Sharia. Gays are murdered in Sharia. Women are routinely executed in Saudi Arabia for having affairs initiated by powerful men who then "dispose" of them. Clitorises the world over are chopped off of women in the name of Islam. Islam has a fairly deserved bad reputation, Mos, and your views on this religion disgust me.

Human Rights by Mos Def:

All the Islamic governments, from Uzbekistan to Turkmenistan to Afghanistan to Iran, Malaysia, Sudan - all of them with the exception of Turkey and maybe Egypt a decade or so ago are murderous bloodthirsty and despicable and routinely violate human rights worse than any other nation.

How many people must be stoned to death in the name of Allah for you to "recognize." How many clitorises chopped off? How many gay man hung? How many concubines of sick murderous Saudi men must be killed off in the name of Islam for you to "recognize?"

You want Islam to be a force of God, then work to stop murder by Islamists and Islamofascists.

Shahed, leader of a militant Islamic group, al-Muhajiroun. Shahed is not un-Islamic. We read in the sacred hadiths, "Messenger of Allah (PBUH) said, 'I have been commanded (by Allah) to fight people until they testify that there is no true god except Allah, and that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah, and perform Salat and pay Zakat.'"

Your friends, Mos Def:

Monday, July 16, 2007

PRC China - murderous regime that poisons the west with bad product.

China tires bad:

The organising committee of Beijing’s Olympic games has promised to investigate charges that official merchandise is being manufactured using child labour.

The PRC Chinese poison dog food:

The PRC Chinese poison toothpaste:

The PRC Chinese poison Children's Toys:

Chinese Seafood Detained for Safety

CNN "The China Syndrome" Special on China's dire problems in keeping food clean:

- Cow milk so inundated with antibiotics you can not make Yogurt from it.

- Pigs force-fed waste water.

- Lard made from separating fats from sewage.,,2118920,00.html

China Jails 2 Protestant Church Leaders

The PRC Chinese government has murdered countless people:

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Brigitte Biver - stupid bitch who needs to be sold into slavery,CST-NWS-fireworks12.article

Brigitte Biver called 311 about 9 p.m. on July 4 to report illegal fireworks so deafening that they sounded like they were exploding right over her Norwood Park home.

When Biver was transferred to Chicago's 911 emergency center, she thought she would get an even quicker response. Instead, all she got was laughter -- hysterical laughter.

"I have never heard anything like that in my life. This person was laughing uncontrollably. When she picked up the phone, she burst into laughter. She probably had been laughing for a while. I kept on saying, 'Hello. Hello.' But she couldn't talk. She never stopped laughing," said Biver, 58.

'She hung up on me' "I finally said, 'I'd like to report some heavy fireworks activity.' She was still laughing as she asked where I was located. I said Norwood Park. Still laughing, she asked where in Norwood Park. Then, she said, 'Ma'am, you're gonna have to call back.' I said, 'Can I have your name please.' But she hung up on me."

Biver was furious. But she regained her composure long enough to dial 911 again, never mentioning the previous call.

This bitch. Inflation is rising to record levels. There is a trade defect. There are people dying every day in an expensive war. Potential housing collapse / ARMageddon seems imminent. The dollar is getting murdered against the Euro, commodities and the British Pound.

And a few folks blow off some traditional steam on the 4th, and this fucking cow things that this is important for the RAPE-MURDER-INFERNO emergency service line?

Unreal. The detachment from reality in the US is complete.