Saturday, July 28, 2007

Epigenetics + some thoughts on disease and groups of people

A cat was cloned. The DNA is identical. Yet the coat on the cats are not the same.

Epigenetics. It seems that DNA can be controlled within the cell by attaching methyl or other suppressive functional groups onto the DNA. There are now cases which document identical twins where one gets cancer, the other doesn't.

What affects eipgenetics? What we eat, our environment, smoking, paint fumes, poisonous mercury, poisons in flame retardants in mattresses, outgassing of polyurethanes and PVC + hv (UV light) outgassing poisons, Donald Rumsfeld's ultra-poisonous carcinogenic aspartame.

Its interesting, along with anti-sense RNA and a better understanding of epigenetics, disease may soon be obsolete, if the governments and the large drug companies let this information exist. I strongly sense there will be a very vigorous campaign to keep these ultra cures, especially food-cures, out of accepted therapy by the internal medicine racket in the USA.

Why else would a known carcinogen like aspartame be allowed on the market? Or how about the article [ ] that shows the while french fries made in animal lard are higher in fat, they have less toxins? Did you know that light oils used to fry things cause things like HNE to appear in your food?

You see people are usually individually incapable of having all the answers. Large groups of people seem to think they have more right answers than individuals, but they end up adding all the individual wrongness, so large groups of people can be very wrong.

Nature and the natural order was forged over eons of time and its very hard to out-think nature. People today think they solve problems, like making things low fat and then poisoning everyone with HNE.

The rabbit hole is very very deep. So deep that one should question everything.

"Think for yourself, question authority" -- Timothy Leary

Try to not take solace in being part of something bigger than yourself. Keep reminding yourself that large groups of people have been very wrong in the past, and always seek to audit what you or your groups are doing. Try to correct the wrongs or find faults in the group in order to boost credibility, don't cover things up to save the group or for the love of money.

This will kill us all if we don't learn to audit the veracity of things done to use via laws or policies of things like the government, the AMA, etc.

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vsync said...

I saw the same Nova.

I liked the thing with the black dude from Belize that earned a proper degree and then went and is doing proper teaching. That's the way to improve society right there.

I will read more on the epigenetics post later today.