Sunday, December 31, 2006

Someone's advice on how to get ahead at work...

Someone posted this on how to get ahead at work:

Show up before everyone.
Dress nicer and look more awake than anyone else
Do not have a bunch of personal crap in your work area
Do not try to be different in dress or style
Do not have a tattoo showing
Do not pierce anything but each ear once (female)
Do not ever discuss religion, sex, politics, or the boss with anyone
Do not look for friends at work… you work for money. Period.
Do not smoke at or near work
Be working when they are talking
Take short lunches and zero breaks
Stay late and leave last
Never call in sick
Never be late
Do not use vacation for one year straight.
Keep your car clean and not full of garbage. Yes it matters
Keep a daily log as to what you do
Do whatever the boss tells you to. Everything is your job. Coffee maker, sweeper, no questions asked. But log what you do.
If your boss is wrong and wants you to do it wrong, do it wrong. Then log it.
If co-workers begin crapping on you for your efforts, write it in the log but do not tell anyone.
Do not ask for a raise. ever. When you want more money you will find it elsewhere and then you will give your current employer a chance to match it. No raise, then give 2 week notice and go to the other place. At the new place use the exact same formula.

If you follow this guide I gaurentee[SIC] you will either move ahead where you work, or gain so much great work-ethic and work-experience that you will go find what you want.

You’re welcome.

Robots don’t make happy workers. A lot of places are now allowing Dogs to accompany workers at work, one larger company that comes to mind is Google. Companies are becoming more aware and placing more importance on the well being of employees creating a sustainable workplace.

I do agree the advice helps impress pointy-hair bosses (PHBs) who are automaton know nothing drones in corporate culture, but it was folks like Wozniak, Allen, John Draper, that gave rise to new technologies, wacky wonky scientists doing what they loved how they loved doing it.

This sounds like advice for people who really have nothing to offer and have to do everything in their power to appear as if they do.

Working hard != working smart, and billions of competitors to the USA, Japan and EU prove that despite a superior apparent work ethic, the goods delivered are mostly shoddy, second rate and rarely world class. It is the summation of mediocrity and folks mastering the advice above.

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Air Travel improvements needed now.

The MD-80 should be deprecated.

All planes should be supplied with tracking monitors that show position altitude, attitudes ( Y P R ) airpseeds Mach IAS TAS, etc.

All planes should have a working cockpit chatter station.

All planes need free wireless internet service, if they wont give you free food, booze or comfort, at least let the victim passenger blow the time away with the internet.

TV technology table. I want to buy an SED when it comesout. Otherwise, I'd go with LCD

Contrast Ratio very high very high medium high medium medium highest highest
Typ. Brightness 600+ cd/m2 750+
Longevity (hours) TBD 2-4k
30k** 30k** 2-4k
 TBD 20k+
Burn-in No No No† Yes No No No No†
Viewing Angle 160°+ 170°  160°+ 170° 180° 170° 180° 180°
Fully Digital Display Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Refresh Rate <6ms NA  <12ms* <8ms <12ms* <12ms* <2ms NA
Max Resolution 1080p 1080p* 1080p 1080p*  1080p 1080p  1080p 1080i
Weight (lbs) lightest medium light medium medium medium medium heavy
Set Depth <1-2" 6.5" - 24" 2"+ 3" - 7"  24" - 30"  13" - 20" <4" 16" - 30" 
Screen Size <10" 43" - 73"* <82"* <103"* <82" <70" TBD <42"
Power consumption Very Low Medium Low Medium Medium  Low Low High
*Fairly new development noticed at CES 2006
** Expected LCD backlight lifespan or plasma half-life; note: differs from manufacturer claims
† Fixed images can result in burn-in over long-term (unusual)
†† Plasma "real-world" measurements after calibration are considerably lower

Death to HDMI, HDMI is a SCAM, do not buy, it wont work.

I returned all the HDMI cables I bought and will never use them again. The companies (Best Buy, Circuit City) are price gouging making even trying this stupid standard a $300 affair (cables start at $40 per, and go to $200+). I bought a Sony receiver and hooked up the DVD to the receiver, no audio, had to use a separate cable. LAME. HDMI out through receiver from HDTV cable didn't work either, had to go back to optical component. I tried TWO (2) Sony receiver and HDMI is as far as I can tell: NEVER works with audio, barely works with receivers, and if someone uses a component IN and HDMI OUT or vice versa, nothing works as it should.

This is a sad, pathetic DRM infected standard that is basically worthless, and I will work tirelessly both in real life and on the internet to expose this non-working standard this is the WORST piece of crap rip off standard I have ever seen in my life - concerned more with securing digital signals than delivering working content and audio. These cables are probably inferior to shielded component video and optical audio anyway with these flimsy thin wires.

Thank the powers that be we PC users can still rip and burn whatever we want, DRM fails and this crap will fail to stop it, and we have things called standards, e.g., PCI, where when you want to play ball we use things like TCP/IP and PCI STANDARDS that anyone can implement. Consumer electronics are crap, this standard is crap, and this whole thing is a scam. Sad.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Sysadminons - System Administrator minion.

When you refer to system administrators, please use the word:


The reason we use minion is that invariably system administrators, production/ops folks, etc are bossed around by a retard, and the system administrators are his minions.

And we aren't even talking about Windows guys, they are just called Windows Guys.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Evard Munch sucks and Google Murders Chinese Dissidents

Google murders Chinese dissidents by helping out the authoritarian Chinese find and kill them. I'll be Page or Brin is on a waiting list for a dead Chinese dissident organ or something.

And Murdoogle puts Edvard Munch, on the front page, who incidentally SUCKS (that art is like a bunch of crappy finger paint smears), but when it was Veterans day, no special front page.

Google also seems to violate the GPL on the Google appliance - ask them for all the source code for for all the GPL stuff the mucked with - lets see if you get it. I suspect they modified the Linux kernel and distro, but you'll be the last to know.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Elizabeth Fraser

The House MD theme, Teardrop, by Massive Attack is perfect, except the lame vocals by Elizabeth Fraser . I hereby call to all music makers, PLEASE, offer a vocal-less version of every one of your songs.

I seriously want to get the original digital tracked master of this track so I can remove her voice, its awful whiney crap, like a bad version of Alanis.

I always liked Steely Dan vocals since they are not sensible, and distract from the music little. The lyrics to 95% of all music including this are whimsical CRAP, and most people are no "3 Tenors" or Charlotte Church at singing.

Stop all crap vocals, crap lyrics and make good music.

House MD rules.