Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Welcome to big government.

Now that the Republicans started with new world order, big government and big government watching and controlling *everything* you do, the new guard in Washington will finish us off for good.

- guns banned
- rights curtailed
- spying on citizens continues
- "civil police force" created as a party apparatus to intimidate people who do not believe in the new world order
- monetary jubilee
- continued debt, spending and war
- stabilizing societal constructs eroded and replaced with state-supremacy wherever possible to teach the populace that the government is the supreme construct.

Basically the government has gotten into the business of controlling you from cradle to grave with empty and broken promises. The people of this country fall into the trap of GOP/Democrat identity politics when the two operate as a single rights-denying anti-libertarian, authoritarian totalitarian illegal regime.

Those who perceive November 4th, 2008, as a win, will rue this day once the power drunk lobbied crooked thugs in Washington take this "mandate" and screw the public.

- raw milk will be banned
- immunizations forced
- our food supply will continue to degrade in quality
- energy will be rationed to control you, not for the purposes of being green
- natural and herbal medicines will be banned
- your lifestyle will determine eligibility for all of this "free" healthcare
- etc.

The new world order of Oceania is upon us, and Ingsoc is strong.

You dumb fuckers deserve this government of your own creation in your own scared, greedy selfish bloodsucking image. Fuck you.