Saturday, July 21, 2007

Stephen Monier, Federal Marshall, NH - Jackbooted Gestapo Thug.

Ed and Elaine Brown are true American patriots. They prove that even if you buy your house and own it 100%, the government still wants you to pay up or they will illegally deprive your of your property.

This illegal government is growing in size and strength. They are destroying what made America great, the freedom, the independence, the defiant come back American patriot, reduce to a 9-5 drone that gives half his pay to destroy foreign lands via the military industrial complex, then those lands get rebuilt by the military industrial complex, and then the military industrial complex relocated to Qatar to avoid paying any taxes, half my pay not to rebuilding New Orleans but to destroy and rebuild Iraq as we funnel taxpayer money to the military industrial complex in Iraq.

And these puke Federales actually have the gumption, the fucking gall to attempt to criminalize these people.

Can't America be a place where you leave people who want to be left alone the fuck alone?

All you pathetic gun grabbing communists and autocratic authoritarians that believe in central governments take a whiff of the shit in the air, the Iraq shit, the Putin/Ahmadinejad/Kim Jong/Musharraf shit, the Castro shit, the PRC China shit. Central governments murder people, reduce freedom and subjugate people to their will.

America has become what it was designed to be a safe haven from. This crap with the rule of law is being confused with the rule of banks, the rule or a certain select few over the many, the rule or big business and the military industrial complex over the waning middle class. And these bastards defied the constitution by making our money into shit, by taking it off the gold standard so they can steal your money even if you save it by inflation!

The people have been robbed and fucked by the US government so much they are used to it now, and heroes like Ed Brown come of ass "radical" or even "terrorists."

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