Friday, February 20, 2009


"Let me emphasize this strongly: no one is to suggest doing anything illegal here. Protest all you want but please respect the law."

Dred Scott / SCOTUS: Humans can be property.

The laws can be illegal. The government is no longer abiding by the limits of power in the constitution. Things have gone on long enough. People should consider violence against a government that is planning to ration health care and decide when we die, we should be able to take this murderous lying terrorist government and do something about it.

You all need to read Solzhenitsyn.

In the camps Solzhenitsyn and other prisoners nourished murderous fantasies of what they might have done to their tormentors if they had understood their fate: "What if, instead of waiting for the knock on their door, they had (knowing there was nothing to lose) set ambushes -- several people in each apartment building, armed with axes and hammers, ready to crack the skulls of the police? What if every security operative, going out at night to make an arrest, was uncertain whether he would return alive?" -- Solzhenitsyn

We are no longer free, there is no freedom here, the government is authoritarian and totalitarian, this is a Police State.

We are fast approaching the point of no return and you and your children will be subjected to an authoritarian government.

The law of this land was formed after the forced removal of another government that did not represent. Remember, NO TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION ? How are the children and unborn children whose money have just been spent represented.

This is a joke of a nation, and the people are simply putting up with it because it limps along, we can get food and some work and so its all ok, don't harbor violent thoughts.

If you are having violent thoughts, I'm not saying act on them, but they should be considered.

The time is nigh. Revolution (after Ron Paul's defeat) is probably the only viable option. Look at Romania, it can be done, and it doesn't have to be overly bloody, but at some point the levees must break.

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