Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Warning: Out of Control Spending Bill has Strong Healthcare Language that should concern you.

Before I report on the out of control spending bill, here is the quote of the day:

"And let me just say to all the chattering class... that so much focuses on all those little tiny porky amendments... the American people really don't care." - Senator Charles Schumer aka Gun grabbing thief traitor.

The stimulus bill contains the following language:
- Computerization of all health care rendered lands in a central database
- Various frameworks for universal health care
- National health care stuffed into HR-1. In Tom Daschle's book on page 196 he suggests the next president sneak national health care into a spending bill to bypass senate protocol and found it to important for the senate to vote on.

Check out pages 454-455 in HR-1 @

Basically strong language is put in here, and a long standing Medicare/Medicaid provision where Doctors can do whats best, there is language to do whats most economical. All being done with representatives performing little or no review.

WARNING: Swinestein wants to kill Net Neutrality in "Stimulus"

Dianne Feinstein Introduces Amendment To Kill Net Neutrality in "Stimulus"

Sen. Dianne Feinstein hopes to update President Barack Obama's $838bn economic stimulus package so that ISPs can deter child pornography, copyright infringement, and other unlawful activity by way of "reasonable network management." Clearly, a lobbyist whispering in Feinstein's ear has taken Comcast's famous lies even further into the realm of BS.

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