Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Slumdog Millionaire : Hating this movie == provincial retard.

I read this today, some clown at actually let this drivel make it to a page that has comments disabled:

MOVIE LOVERS, if you believe that "Slumdog Millionaire" is a four-star fairy-tale romance, then I propose that "The Godfather" was about Italian cooking and male bonding.

Maybe I didn't get "Slumdog Millionaire," but I did suffer through until the end, which is more than the two women sitting behind me did. They left halfway through. And other good friends (who call flicks "films") didn't even last that long.

This movie is a sordid, sadistic, terrifyingly dark film. Good photography, I'll give it that. But a terrible tale. If you have been hoodwinked by Hollywood's hype on this one, then I propose you go and buy some Bear Stearns stock.

Maxine Weintraub

Hating this movie makes one a provincial retard, its that simple. A terrible tale? How the fuck-so? The only thing unrealistic about it is the ending, and that's to prevent wrist-slitting.

Hey, Maxine Cunt Weintraub, why don't you spend a year penniless in the ghettos of Mumbai and see how things turn out to fucked up stuck up cow? Let's silence the dying so we don't have to listen to their terribly annoying screams?

And to compare this in an analogy to The Godfather? Is that the closest movie that comes to mind? This seems to indicate a severe lack of movie-experience to draw any parallels between these two films other than both will be considered epic.

And to mention Bear Stearns ? Feeling a bit guilty there about your Banker thieve friends, about Bernie Madhoff and a vast conspiracy by a certain sub-group's cabal?

Its amazing that when the underbelly of the world is exposed all cunts like Weintraub can think of is THEMSELVES.

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