Friday, May 30, 2008

Suet, Lard and other Animal Oils are not your enemy in cooking

I heard this on a thread about hostess pies:

Something about Hostess pies turns me off. Maybe it's the words "beef fat" in the ingredients. I know animal fat traditionally was used in pies, but in this day and age, it seems like a very unhealthy and unnecessary relic.

Actually, my wife tells me Oreo cookies used to contain animal fat, too. But now they don't. So if Nabisco can take it out, why can't Hostess?

If I want a pie, I'll take a real, homemade one over the packaged variety any time.

Two others followed on in a sentiment close to mine:

What's this "was"? To this day, suet and lard are both commonly used ingredients in pie crust. There's also this stuff called "butter" which you might have heard of, and I don't want to burst your bubble or anything, but I hear tell that comes from an animal too!

And as for "unhealthy"...well, unlike the trans-fats in partially hydrogenated vegetable oil, lard and butter haven't been suggested as a possible cancer-causing agent. Give me a lard and butter crust any day.


You know, that's one of the things wrong with the modern world - not enough animal fat! It was flat out riduculous for Nabisco and the other large biscuit companies to go away from lard and beef tallow, as it was for fast food restaurants to switch to vegetable shortening for fries. At the base of this is a lot of government propaganda (I have learned that WHATEVER the federal government says is bad is probably good, and vice versa). And too, they replaced animal fat with hydrogenated oil, which is even worse than animal fat! I went back to lard for biscuits and pastries years ago, and have recently started frying in lard. I don't know where to get beef fat, or I would use that also.

You see beef fat, suet and lards are better tasting and more natural and less preprocessed than the hydrogenated poison used in cooking.

All this new crap, with this anti-trans fat kick, we are getting hydrogenated oils, waste oil now called canola and all sorts of "better" oils that may be less in terms of calories or have less saturated fat, but are toxic.

Did you know most vegetable oils at or near medium and higher cooking temps become toxic and create carcinogenic and mutagenic garbage, where animal fats do not even to very high temperatures?

Also note all the haute cuisine , French, new American, or any other high class cooking always uses lard and bone marrow wherever possible over lesser substitutes.

Your notion of health cant simply be calories. Check out the people who have lost a lot of weight on "fatkins" Atkins - and then go to the doctor and get lower triglycerides and LDL cholesterol readings.

Processed food in general is bad. The bleached flour in a Hostess pie is far more of an issue than the beef lard.

And if you drink coke, note that when in Great Britain/UK , they use sugar. REAL Coke classic tastes great! But here in the USA, we now use High Fructose Corn Syrup. Tastes like crap, and is very unhealthy processed crap. They hid the recipe change by making "New Coke", and when they switched back to "CocaCola Classic" they put in HFCS instead of sugar.

There is absolutely NOTHING (at least not CHEAPER) that tastes better than real animal lards in cooking. PERIOD. Food is tasting like crap and actually goes rancid a LOT faster than it used to due to all the stupid mettling around with age old recipes, and everyone is getting fatter all the time despite the innumerable "healthy" substitutions going on.

Blueberry Hostess Pies taste the best. And most of the things that are "healthier" are propaganda to allow manufacturers to use cheaper garbage in our food, and to slowly force the population into eating vegetable matter and "edible" waste products because having everyone in an overpopulated earth eating meat doesnt scale as easily. So your standard of living will drop as the Government complex feeds us stuff that is worse than a WWII ration or a modern MRE.

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