Sunday, May 04, 2008

Phil O'Shaughnessy

Phil O'Shaughnessy : He is a pigfucking bastard motherfucker at Creative Labs - the makers of soundblaster products.

What happened is Creative pushed EAX. They were ruthless and used lawyers to bankrupt Aureal, the inventors of better technology, and after the litigation, they picked up the superior technology on the cheap.

After this ruthless act, they went along selling sound cards until Vista: Then they had to fuck the world one more time. They would only make EAX work for a fee. They crippled the fucking drivers for all the hardware accelerated cards to force people to pay up for the drivers.

I hope everyone who is responsible for shitty drivers at Creative gets cancer and fucking dies, and I hope everyone at Microsoft who decided to break DirectSound and other old APIs in Vista fucking gets cancer.

You motherfuckers are destroying the business you thrive on by fucking up old games and shit, you fucking morons. Watch Apple/Linux and others fuck your dumb asses out of business.

Anyways, Phil O'Shaughnessy, he is the main guy - the face - behind this fucking asshole unacceptable piece of fuck-shit act. He was trying to get this guy, Daniel_K, Daniel Kawakami, to stop helping people fix the fucking sound in Vista by threating to sue him for providing drivers HE FIXED - alone. Creative fuck labs.

And engineers at creative: grow a set of fucking balls and quit. You ought to be fucking ashamed of working there you fucking assholes. What a pathetic piece of shit you create. If you are in IEEE, you should be kicked the fuck out you fucking assholes.

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