Friday, August 17, 2007

Terrorist Ben Bernanke just screwed all salaried employees and all people with money saved

The fed just lowered rates today - a lot.

"Helicopter Ben" just committed a crime and a giant theft against all salaried employees and savers in the US.

The Fed, in a surprise announcement in Washington, lowered the so-called discount rate by 0.5 percentage point, to 5.75 percent. Policy makers dropped language indicating their bias toward fighting inflation, and instead highlighted a rising threat to economic growth.
What this means is he is helping "investors" that do and create nothing churning nothing and screwing doctors, firefighters, regular Joe's, retirement accounts, savers and anyone with any financial sense and responsibility.

What this does is makes what you get paid every paycheck worth less. This makes your dollar buy less shit from China, Germany, wherever. What this does is makes all that money you saved for college and retirement worth LESS.

This man is a terrorist criminal and should have his leg cut off.

This is a bail out of BANKS who try and sell their junk debt to YOU and other suckers, these banks already own your lives, you pay them more in interest every month than principle, they sell your debt back to you via the GSEs and via selling the junk debt to retirement and pension funds.

They got us into this mess, yet they still get helped.

You see, Chrysler was a loan, S&L was a bailout, the Airlines was a bailout ... The relative cost of those in this situation is nothing.

Voters - its up to you know to write in to congress and have someone like Ron Paul appointed the head of a committee to stop this rampant insanity.

I also recommended the immediate forming of unions at workplaces that will only work gold or a constant gold equivalent in dollars. Dollars are a fake piece of fiat shit that clearly means nothing anymore, and the The Fed is a quasi-government entity that needs to be stopped and eliminated if it cant handle the simple task of keeping the money supply at a reasonable healthy level (+1%-1.5% inflation).

Again, here is a link to the economist to see how bad your pay and your dollars have been hit:

Another way to show you all how bad you are being screwed:

Key food prices rising sharply.

I hope that helping 10,000,000 people afford a house they can't afford for a few more months, maybe a year, by debasing the currency and making ALL PRICES RISE FOR EVERYTHING is worth it.

This monetary policy is suicidal.

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