Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Sopranos ending means cancel HBO

Now that David Chase has completely ruined his series (ever noticed how all the good mob movies ended with a rather satisfying ending?), its not time to cancel HBO. Since 6 Feet, Deadwood and Sopranos are all gone, why have this piece of crap around?

Why didn't HBO , as OMC said it in "How Bizarre," 'Buy the Rights.' They didn't need Chase anymore. Chase is an idea guy, and not a super great one at that, get this, a miniseries featuring plot-lines ripped from tens of great mob movies. Its fun to watch. Who would have thought?

Anyways, Chase directed only the first and last episodes. It shows. The last episode was inferior.

Also, it tended to be that things that he wrote and co-wrote were below the batting average of the shows.

He left curb stomp Coco out there, the Russian guy in the woods, Silvio in a coma, The FBI guy saying "we'll win this yet" without explanation, Uncle Junior demented, Paulie with unresolved issues with Tony, you name it, this scumbag Chase (David DeCaesare, lets call this prick by his name, David DeCaesare) left everything hanging.

The show ended for my when they killed big pussy anyways.

I wish someone would capture David DeCaesare-Chase, and cut his right leg off above the knee. And while cutting it off laugh and spit in his face. Tell him he didn't need that right leg like everyone didn't need a proper Sopranos ending. Thats what I wish would happen. He may have money and hubris, but he now would have to limp like the bitch gimp he is, and his little piles of money couldn't change that.

Anyhow, I think HBO should hijack the rights and hire even bigger and better writers to finish this off with style. One of the greatest movies of all time, Godfather, ended properly, this is just a piss poor excuse at being artsy, but in reality its a giant F.U. to the fan base.

Everyone, get the stones to get up and cancel HBO. It just went from Home Box Office to seriously Heavy Body Odor.

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