Friday, September 24, 2010

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings Rips Into His American Cusotmers.

Q: "Are you concerned that American Netflix subscribers will look north and ask for the same discount Canadians get at $7.99?"

Reed Hastings (A): "How much has it been your experience that Americans follow what happens in the world? It's something we'll monitor, but Americans are somewhat self-absorbed."

In response to Reed Hastings calling his American customers "self absorbed" I think he is a god damned ungrateful puke that takes our money, craps on us and drives around in expensive vehicles, etc, living the high life while stepping on the backs of hardworking Americans that solicit his business. This kind of disgusting behavior makes ME SICK, and Ill be sure to let everyone I know how little Reed Hastings thinks of the Netflixing Americans out there.

Its unbelievable that these lucky rats in business sit there and think they are in command of the throne of God - check Zuckerberg laughing at us thinking our stuff is secure and private on Facebook -

"They trust me — dumb fucks," says Zuckerberg in one of the instant messages, first published by former Valleywag Nicholas Carlson at Silicon Alley Insider, and now confirmed by Zuckerberg himself in Jose Antonio Vargas's New Yorker piece.

We are just "dumb fucks" to him.

You see these lucky instant billionaires start thinking that they are better, and that WE THE PEOPLE, we the meek, are somehow lesser and should be treated poorly.

The most disgusting thing about these people is they extract wealth from WE THE PEOPLE, but they seem to like to spit in our face.

My wish for today is Reed Hastings gets a horrible aggressive cancer, they he can find out he will die like the rest of us self-absorbed American assholes he takes money from.

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