Saturday, June 14, 2008

MySQL: The worst of OpenSOURCE, The maintainers and copyright holders should be jailed and after put into a pillory where feces are thrown at them

Hello. If you are a maintainer or employee of the MySQL project within Sun, I want you to you to suffer horribly. I really do. I want you tarred and feathered and I want you in a public pillory so I can kick you.

If I don’t see mysql-4.1.24.tar.gz on a mirror soon, you are the worst form of scum. I got the “free” bkf client. I got your 4.1.24 tag. I got everything right. However, I noticed that your source repository has some rather critical files missing. This is disgusting. If Microsoft ever held the world hostage with pay-for updates for bugs they would be decried! However, you hold the world hostage with your bugs. For this you deserve to suffer. MySQL stole contributions from the public domain to try and greedily secure licenses. Since your software has no warranty, then you have no license, and you have no right to call you code stolen if I make derivative works. I’m not modifying your piece of shit database, I’m “using it,” and there is nothing you can do to “enforce” your license because you stole code from the public and held it hostage, and you hold both private and national security hostage with pay-for-bug-fixes. Criminals. Criminals. I seriously would like slash all the tires of all the pig-fucking MySQL developers who work for Sun now. This virus licensing shit has to stop. If I was supreme dictator, I would revoke all licenses for “copyrighted” shit if you hold the world hostage for bugfixes or stop maintaining the code. That’s it. If its unmaintained or buggy, its no longer yours. It turns BSD-free-for-all so engineers can fix the world without you rat bastard fucking marketing and bean counting fuck-pigs destroying our planet one fucking bug at time. Pigs.

For this you deserve severe punishment. Also, MySQL should be sued by the FSF for using the words GPL anywhere on the MySQL site. MYSQL STOLE all contributed code when they switched the license. This was done in bad faith and if you think I’ll every pay you a god damn dime you can choke on cock, I’ll just switch to Postgres - but MySQL simply pissed me off on the way.

To all GPL Nazis, fuck you, I ignore your impossible to enforce license and treat everything as LGPL, and I use the Nvidia binary driver. HAHAHAHAH. How about that, fuckers? And you made no money doing this, and you have no honor.

Your ass, in sterns, now.

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