Monday, November 12, 2007

How the government is stealing from you with inflation, again.

Say you are on a fixed income, e.g., pension or social security.

If you inflate the currency but there is not adjustment or an insufficient adjustment for this inflation, this is the administrator of the currency stealing from you.

The commodities Price Index published each week clearly shows the theft going on and how radical it has been for the past two years, see:

Sept 27 2007

Sept 24 2005

CPI from 131 to 216.

Did your salary go up 66% in the last two years? No. You were just stolen from. The fed lowered interest rates and increased the money supple (They stopped publishing the M3 to hide this, so to see it, look here:

If you hold dollars or are paid in dollars then you were stolen from.

Now, if your salary does adjust upwards, you get hit with a higher tax bracket for the same of less purchasing power, meaning tax revenue goes up, but you purchasing power does not, or goes down. You were just stolen from again.

If your salary hasn't doubled since 2000. You lose.

Now, try to convert your money say to Swiss francs and hold them in a Swiss account and earn a lowly 2% interest. This terrorist government will try and ding you for income on the 2% interest! YOU JUST WANT TO KEEP THE VALUE OF YOUR MONEY STABLE! They have the nerve to track and tax your earnings in a foreign currency! They only reason I want to hide my wealth in Swiss Francs is to keep it from getting inflating to hell and they want to charge me for that?!?! Also, it is common for the USDOJ to seize and freeze accounts held by US citizens in foreign tax havens because you are "funding terrorists" and bull like that, they want to keep us bank slaves to the dollar.

This is INSANE, and the Boston Tea Party was over some measly less than 10% VAT on tea.

We are being taxed at about 50% [all said and done] (Sales, fed income, state income, tollbooths, interest, capital gains, etc), and now they want to keep in you dollars and dilute you position out from underneath you!

It is *so bad* right now as a worker paid in dollars its insane.

They say CPI is not core inflation, wrong, see the fed itself saying the two are supposed to be the same:

See here:
"Analysis by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York indicates that this measure is no better than a moving average of the Consumer Price Index as a predictor of inflation."

The fed has been known to substitute steak for ground beef in the basket of calculations they use ( but reveal to no one about how core is actually calculated) to get the number they want.

You'll notice when reading Fed documents they are often vague, voodoo or self contradictory. They have to be. They are selling you bullshit. If you ran your household like them, you would be in default and homeless and garnished. If you ran your company like the Fed, you would be out of business. Its that simple. They are running our country's currency into the ground trying to keep Wall St. aloft, and trying to keep the housing and credit card crisis from imploding, but are making things far worse.

Kuwait just de-pegged the dollar, not in the news, but it happened:
"Kuwait pegs dinar to basket of currencies"
Note: used to be pegged to the US dollar.

"Gulf economies 'may shun greenback peg' "

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