Saturday, May 26, 2007

Marvell SATA Controller

I have a D975XBX2 Intel MB. It has a Marvell 88SE61xx Controller. This is a criminal chipset and is the worst SATA controller ever made with the worst drivers and if I was Pinochet for a day, I would throw the CEO of this company out of a C-130 at 20,000ft for all the hard drives and data loss this chipset causes.

This chipset is criminal.

Why dont Asus, Intel, etc, why dont they just solder 3ware or LSI or any decent non-FAKE-RAID (FRAID) chips on these motherboards? Why would a program manager ever choose an asic that has fake raid, is crap, has crap drivers and sucks?


Falcon said...

Well, I found this post on Google for "marvell 88se61xx xp driver" - I already found the driver from an Asus support site (of all things, why not INCLUDED?!) and wanted to see if anyone else has similar outcries as I do.

This controller sucks huge amounts of ass. On my board, a MSI P35 Neo2, it has a mysterious single blue SATA port next to a block of 4 SATA ports - evidently, the single port and the PATA port are controlled by the Marvell chip. Problem is, the Marvell chip has no drivers (supposed to be supported by "Standard PCI IDE controller" driver - LOL). That is actually enforced on Marvell's site, pretty much denying that the Marvell chip would ever need a driver. Thank god Asus thought otherwise, because MSI makes no mention of the Marvell chip in their drivers or site!

This also produces the unfortunate downside of not having any support whatsoever for DOS-mode CD drivers, as the Golden Chip of Compatibility seems to be incompatible with all common ATA text-mode drivers - I'm just glad XP installed.

Now, should I even begin with the shoddy performance? =\


WebShadow said...

I know this one: guess what I'm dodging by using the Intel Matrix Storage Device controller.

I wouldn't trust that thing to handle my SATA Optical drives! The 3 blue ports with one red port (intel) is confusing, and what the hell is "Discrete RAID"!?